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Where Does the Soul Go Just After Passing Away?

Where Does the Soul Go Just After Passing Away
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The body is deemed to be dead as soon as the Soul departs. So, where does the Soul go just after passing away? The Soul then travels directly to its new location, where rebirth occurs. But only when one believes in the existence of the Soul can one sustain their belief in reincarnation. It is big and mysterious to know where does the Soul go just after passing away? The Soul has remained true to its nature and immortal throughout all periods of limitless lives of birth and death. But because of ignorance, the Soul is forced to travel with the bodily complex at every birth. Here, we are trying to explore in detail where does the Soul go just after passing away?

What Happens After Death?

What Happens After Death?

Our spirit and body separate as we pass away. So, where does the Soul go just after passing away? Our spirit, the core of who we are, endures the death of our physical body. Our spirit departs for the hereafter. Before we get the gift of resurrection, when our spirits shall unite with our bodies, we must wait in the spirit realm. In the future, when we are raised from the dead, we will have beautiful body that is free from discomfort, disease, and flaws.

We will truly experience a new birth, with the soul going through a supernatural transformation to become “fit” for heaven. Without atonement, our spirits are deemed “lost.”

When someone passes away, their body is returned to nature: “dust to dust.” However, the soul returns to a brand-new celestial body.

Any person who invokes the name of God in order to be rescued will witness a wonderful transformation of their soul.

What Happens After the Resurrection?

What happens after the resurrection?

God will judge each of us on an individual basis when we are raised from the dead. This ultimate judgment will be determined by our intentions, deeds, and decisions.

Only God is able to judge us fairly because only they have complete knowledge of our souls and life situations. This will be a merciful, reparative, and loving judgment.

The ultimate aim of God is to assist all of His children to return and join Him in the heavenly state. However, where we spend eternity will depend on the decisions we make now. In order to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, we must confess our sins, come to faith in God, and be immersed in His name. Additionally, we must uphold the commandments for the rest of our life and confess our sins when we fail to do so.

Salvation from Our Sins

Salvation from Our Sins

Without God, neither the Resurrection nor the forgiveness of our sins would be possible. Everyone will be raised from the dead because of God’s control over death, whether they believe in Him or not.

People who are dead slumber. They are “asleep,” which means they are luxuriating in the relaxed tranquillity of those who have crossed over from this world’s difficulties into God’s presence.

Living in this world is fantastic, but taking part in the last resurrection is the best thing that could ever happen.

The Karmas Much Affects in This Entire Process

The Karmas Much Affects in This Entire Process

The Soul leaves the previous physical body as the last breath is taken in (this event is called death). At the same time, a new physical body is taken by it (this event is called birth).

When the soul leaves the body, the karmas accompany it. The soul makes its way to the mother’s womb, where it resides, and travels there. In the womb, the physical body develops as the karmas start to discharge one after another. Finally, the baby is born, and the course of their life is determined by their past-life karma.

New karmas are being charged at the same time as the old karmas are being discharged. At the point of death, when the soul departs from the physical body of this life, these karmas continue to exist. Thus, as previously described, the cycle repeats itself at the time of death.

The Role of the Electrical Body in the Process

The Role of the Electrical Body in the Process

Each living thing has an electrical body inside as long as there is worldly life. There is an electrical body in every living thing, including trees and everything else. The electrical body is definitely created along with the causal body.

Every living thing has an electrical body, which is an inherent component of its existence. You are able to function as a result of it. When you eat, your electrical body performs the digesting process. It is a component of the internal process of producing and circulating blood. The electrical system is in charge of producing the light that your eyes need to see. Even the emotions of rage, pride, dishonesty, and greed are caused by the electrical body. The Soul has absolutely no rage, pride, dishonesty, or greed.

If there is no electrical body, nothing happens; only when there is an electrical body can karma be charged. In your home, nothing would be seen if there were no electricity. Nothing will happen even if the electrical body is present but the Soul is absent. There won’t be any more electrical bodies after the karma balance has been completed. It, therefore, persists until you are completely freed from the cycles of birth and death.

All five senses have been used up by the time a living thing passes away. Therefore, neither the senses nor anything else accompanies the Soul. Only rage, arrogance, lies, and greed accompanies it. Anger, pride, dishonesty, and greed are all parts of the causal body. Until the Soul achieves complete liberation, the casual body continues to exist alongside it.

The Soul is the Life Energy!

The Soul is the Life Energy!

Grains (living things) will spontaneously grow if you knot them. However, would stones grow if you tied them? No! Why so? This is due to the fact that a pebble is lifeless. Every living thing has a soul, whether it is visible or not; there is no soul in nonliving. The vital force is hence the soul.

A body without a soul means that it is lifeless and therefore incapable of experiencing joy or suffering. As a result, knowledge of suffering and joy can be found wherever there are experiences and emotions. Any feeling or growth suggests that the body has Soul or life energy present.

Soul Exists in the Form of Wisdom and Joy!

Soul Exists in the Form of Wisdom and Joy!

The knowledge and happiness that make up the Soul. The Soul is aware of everything going on. It is conscious of both happiness and sadness. How can one tell which leg hurts and which one doesn’t? It may be argued that the brain or the nerve is what knows. Who, however, can read minds?

The brain is simply an organ, and a dead body still has one, but the latter is unable to know anything. Because of this, a person is when the Soul is in the body:

Supposed to be alive; but, when it dies, the same body is referred to as a dead body.

When it leaves the body, the same person loses their ability to retain knowledge.

The entire body contains the soul.

The body completely contains the Soul. There is Soul throughout the entire body, excluding the nails and hair that we often cut.

Wherever There is Pain, There is a Soul

Anywhere on the body where we prick ourselves with a needle and feel agony, that is where the Soul is. The Soul is present whenever suffering is experienced. No matter how many times a pin is stuck into the skin after death when the soul has left the body, the body won’t emit a sound or flinch at all, will it? It’s because the body doesn’t feel pain when the soul isn’t present.

The soul is contained in only one or more specific locations and is only a certain size in our body.

The Journey of Soul

The Journey of Soul

Here, we will explore in detail where does the Soul go just after passing away? The only way to develop in life is through the journey of the soul!

The Soul is said to as a living being even if it has karma covering it. The living being goes through numerous stages of development while traveling, and when karmas are released, the being advances spiritually on the path of evolution. As long as there is no barrier in its path, the Soul is naturally progressing toward total liberty.

But interference is frequently present. Consequently, The Soul’s path to liberation is not simple. As a result, it inevitably passes through many life forms. The three divisions for the Soul’s growth in order to achieve liberation in this world are as follows:

1. The life form devoid of personality. It is awaiting entrance into the life of the world

There is a moment when the Soul is completely covered before a living thing joins the earthly cycle. The Soul is neither destroyed nor spoiled during this stage. The Soul is present, but it is completely hidden (with dense layers of coverings over it). As a result, not even a single particle of knowledge about the soul can emerge. They are known as “Nigod.” In this stage, there are infinite Souls, and they are entirely covered. These living things are still in a latent stage because they have not yet developed any senses.

2. A living thing with identity. It has integrated into everyday life

One Soul from the Nigod joins the worldly cycle when one Soul from this world achieves release. Only a small portion of the Nigod’s Soul’s covering is removed, and only a tiny amount of Soul light is released. One sense grows as a result. With this, a specific living being starts its journey through this universe. It then gradually evolves from a one-sensed to a two-sensed to a three-sensed to a four-sensed to a five-sensed being until becoming a human life form, where his mind, intellect, and ego are formed. These creatures are slaves.

The weight of the coverings causes the living things great suffering at every stage. As the Soul develops normally, these coverings on it gradually go away. When one is in human form, one uses the mind, intellect, and ego to produce new karmas. The living thing is reborn in the celestial, human, animal, or hell world depending on its karmas. The being then experiences the results of their karmic decisions in each existence. In the end, worldly development comes to an end when one attains Self-Realization; fresh karmas cease to be charged. One achieves complete liberation when all previous karmas completely discharge without any barrier!

3. The ultimate emancipation of the Soul. It has left the world of the living

The liberated Souls are those. They do not return to this world because they have already attained the highest level of salvation. They are liberated from all ties to the outside world.

Now, it is clear that where does the Soul go just after passing away?

Who Manages The Journey of Soul?

Who Manages The Journey of Soul?

After learning about the journey of the Soul & where does the Soul go just after passing away, we will now discuss who manages the journey of the Soul?

There are six constant, permanent elements on this planet. These elements automatically go through their phases when they orbit around one another.

One of the six elements is the Soul. Absolute knowledge is all that the soul is. Although the other parts are also strong, they lack knowledge and comprehension. The many phases of the Soul inevitably take place when the elements of matter and soul combine. For instance, a Soul naturally assumes a human shape.

The first day of the Moon, the second day of the Moon, the third day of the Moon, and so on, are the phases of the Moon that may be seen, just as when the Sun, Moon, and Earth revolve around one another. But while they are all fleeting, the Moon is permanent; similarly, humans, demons, animals, and insects are all fleeting stages of the Soul. But the Soul is not a passing thing. All of this happens spontaneously as the soul travels. The outcomes are the charging of karma.

Although the Soul has endless knowledge, karmas have always been present. That much knowledge of the soul manifests in everyday life as and when some ignorance layers are broken!

For instance, if you totally shut a 1000-Watt bulb inside of a pot, not a single ray of light will escape the container. Now, one ray of light will emerge from the pot if you make one hole in it. In a similar manner, the light of the Soul manifests through one sense and assumes the form of a creature with one sense. It changes into a two-sense creature when a new hole is created. The Soul is whole on the inside; its light (knowledge) is abundant. But there are so many coverings over it that light cannot shine through. The Soul’s journey proceeds as follows.

A living being that is completely inactive, with no knowledge or vision at all, then one that is evolving from a one-sensed to a five-sensed entity, eventually taking on a human form, and finally one that has attained self-realization and attained ultimate liberation.

Is There Life After Death?

Is There Life After Death?

So, after learning where does the Soul go just after passing away, we will now discuss whether is there life after death?

“This individual is no more,” we say when someone passes away. This is untrue. The person is not who you remember them to be, but they are still very much alive. Depending on the intensity of the karma, the casual and electrical body will continue to function while the physical body would disintegrate. When a person has finished all of his karma for this life, they will pass away naturally, without illness, accident, or injury. Within a few hours, they might come across another body.

If one lives out his life to the fullest and passes away gently, he need not wait around—life continues right away. However, if the karmic structure is extremely strong and incomplete, it must be completed. He/She now needs a lot more time to locate a second body. You are referring to these as ghosts. Due to their more intense karmic structures, they are more open to your experience. Whether you realize it or not, there are countless such beings all about you; nevertheless, because their karma has gone, you won’t sense the majority of them. Just a little more dissipation and they’ll uncover another body.

I Hope, it is helpful to understand where does the Soul go just after passing away?

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