Privacy Policy

The safety of our users is one of our main priorities at This privacy statement is important for visitors to our site who share and gather data on because it only applies to our internet-based activities. Information obtained independently or from sources other than this site is unaffected by this arrangement.


You accept and provide your consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy by using our site. You will be informed of the specific data you are asked to provide and the reasons for doing so when you are asked for your personal information.


In the off event that you contact us directly, we may learn more about you. We might obtain information from you such as your name, contact information (phone, email, etc.), the contents of any messages or possible connections you send us, and any other information you need from us.


When you create an account, we can ask for your contact information, such as your name, organization’s name, address, email address, and phone number. We make the following uses of your information: The following will be done:  Our website will be enhanced, modified, and expanded (ii) We will observe and evaluate how you use our website (iii) We will create new products, services, elements, and capabilities (iv) We will identify and avoid misrepresentation.


We communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, for a variety of purposes, such as customer service, providing you with site updates and other information, and promoting specific objectives.


For Add Your Life, using log records is standard procedure. These records keep track of visitors’ identities when they visit websites. All facilitating organizations conduct an investigation of this kind as part of their overall strategy. The data gathered by log records includes web protocol (IP) addresses, program kind, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamps, referring/leaving pages, and maybe the number of photographs. These are unrelated to any real, usable data. The information is gathered to analyze patterns, operate the site, track client developments on the site, and aggregate segment data.



Like some other websites, uses “treats.” These cookies are used to store information about visitors’ preferences and the pages they have read or visited on the website. We can improve the clients’ insight by changing the content of our page in light of the visitors’ program type or potentially other data.


Protection Policies of Advertising Partners

In their adverts and links to Add Your Life, outside promotion networks or waiters use developments like treats, JavaScript, or Web Beacons, which are directly transmitted to clients’ programs. Your IP address is immediately sent to them when this happens. These advances are used to assess the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and to customize the advertising content you see on websites you visit. It’s important to remember that Add Your Life has neither access to nor control over these third-party treats.


Third-Party Security Policies

The privacy policies of various promoters or websites are not covered by Add Your Life. In order to learn more, we advise you to read the privacy rules of these third-party promotion servers. It might include information on their methods as well as headings outlining the ideal ways to give up particular alternatives.


By altering the parameters, you might make rewards in your software unavailable. On each program’s website page, you may find more detailed information about using the board with various web browsers.


Rights to Protection under the CCPA (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

Customers in California have the following rights under the CCPA, among others: Request that a company that collects a customer’s own information disclose the categories and precise pieces of personal information it has gathered.


Demand that any private information a company has gathered on a client be deleted.


Demand that a company refrains from selling a client’s personal data to third parties.


In the event that you make a request, you will hear back within a month or less. If you want to use any of these privileges, please get in touch with us.


Freedoms to Data Protection under the GDPR

Your understanding of your information security privileges must be complete. Each client is granted the following privileges:


You reserve the right to replicate your own data if you choose to get it. We may charge you a small fee for this assistance.


The right to modification You reserve the right to request that any information that you accept to be incorrect be changed. Additionally, you have the right to ask us to complete any gaps in the data you acknowledge are lacking.


The choice to be disregarded: You reserve the right to request that we delete your personal data in certain circumstances.


Limiting handling is an option: You have the right to request that we limit how we handle your personal information in specific circumstances.


The choice to object to handling: You retain the right to object to how we handle your personal information in certain circumstances.


The right to information flexibility: In some circumstances, you have the right to request that we transfer the information we have collected directly to you or to another organization.


In the event that you make a request, you will hear back within a month or less. If you want to use any of these privileges, kindly contact us.


Cookies Policy

A professional and reliable website, Add Your Life receives thousands of daily visits from users. We make sure the user’s personal data isn’t used for other purposes. Your computer’s internet browser may communicate or store information to Add Your Life while you are visiting Add Your Life. However, the query “what are cookies” still stands. Because they retrieve small bits of data from a user’s device, web servers are often referred to as “cookies.” Additionally, it directs the user to a website they are presently on.


While you are accessing the website, the server keeps track of the cookie information from your visit. After every request is sent to Add Your Life, visitation data is sent to the server.


Cookies enable a variety of dynamic features on websites so that users’ settings and preferences can be saved. When you visit the Add Your Life website, just visitation data is gathered; no personal data about you is fetched or sent to the website.


Manage Cookies

Every coin has two faces, and users of the Add Your Life website can regulate website measurement and customization in accordance with their preferences. Additionally, you will always have access to similar information on the website.


Users can easily accept the cookie policies or decline (not accept cookies) at the website, in accordance with the cookie policy. Users have the option to alter their browser’s settings and delete any previously saved browser cookies at any time.


Additionally, a lot of browser software can be set up to refuse cookies; instructions for doing this can be found in the “Help,” “Settings,” or “Preferences” section of your browser’s toolbar.


Note: If users refuse our cookies, several features and conveniences may not function properly and may cause users to get concerned. You can use the majority of our websites without agreeing to our cookies in the meantime.


Single Session Cookie

Single session cookies are used for technical purposes such as facilitating user account usage, gathering aggregated data, and illuminating page navigation. Although single-session cookies may have a distinctive identifier, they do not divulge any private information to outside parties.


Third-Party Cookies

You can provide information about Third-Party Cookies by sharing your browsing history across different websites and sessions. However, unless you erase them, they are often determined to save cookies. In accordance with the cookie term setting, Third Party Cookie has also expired.


Service data

You can refuse to accept cookies if services want to access your personal information. We may collect or access your Personal Information when you browse, download, use, or register to use any part of our Service.


Data Controller

A person who chooses the objectives for data collection from website visitors. Information about users is collected as part of the cookies policy.


Data provided by the User

We may collect Personal Information from users whenever they give it to us while using our services, such as when they sign up for emails, newsletters, or SMS messages or register for the website membership. However, registering for a personal account on a website may request permission to access personal information. The account may be for any service; it may be used to make purchases; engage in surveys and quizzes; enter sweepstakes, contests, competitions, or prize draws; conduct searches using the Services; or communicate with us by phone, email, or other methods.


Personal Data

After so much debate, queries concerning which data cookies the cookie can retrieve start to surface. The Add Your Life website only requests a very minimal amount of personally identifying data that can be used to get in touch with you. Personal information about a person is saved securely on a company server and is not given to anyone. Questions including personal information could include:


Cookies on our website, Add Your Life, may request information from you that can be used to contact or identify you while you are browsing. Among other things, personally identifiable information can be:

· First name and last name

· Number

· Email address

· Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City


Cookies and Usage of Data

Please be aware that Add Your Life disclaims all liability for any information you choose to make public in your member profile or other areas of the Services where users may upload or post content, or for any information you choose to make public in discussions on the Services’ public message boards, blogs, wikis, chat rooms, forums, or in other open forums.


However, each website has a unique cookie policy that was created to meet its needs. Cookies with secure technology are used by Add Your Life to identify visitors. In the meantime, keep track of user preferences for recording and tracking website visits. For instance, whether or not links in our email are clicked. Only the proper operation of the functioning may be verified by Add Your Life.


In the meantime, when users visit our website, we automatically gather information from their browsers, including their IP address, browser details, cookie-setting information, and information about what content they click on.


Please email us at: or visit our contact us page:



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