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Life After Death Stories

Real Stories of Life after Death
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What happens after death is a question we’ve all questioned ourselves. We might picture a paradisiac place filled with angels and departed loved ones. When one is grieving, visualizing the beauty of paradise gives them comfort. Because it gives one hope that life beyond death is a promise, not simply a fantasy.

Near-death experiences frequently involve feelings of leaving or returning to one’s body, a sense of serenity, dazzling lights, and contact with spirits or living humans, according to research. Whatever your thoughts on the afterlife, it is undeniable that many people have asserted to have had visions or out-of-body experiences after their hearts had stopped. Here, we are exploring the real stories of some people who came back to life after death.

1. Ernest Hemingway

A mortar bomb severely injured Ernest Hemingway while he was working for the American Red Cross in Italy during World War I. Hemingway writes in a straightforward manner despite the fact that he appears to have briefly passed away.

He described the experience to a friend: “I felt my soul or something coming right out of my body like you’d pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner.” I wasn’t dead any longer as it circled, returned, and entered once more.

2. Zack Clements

This is one of the most famous real stories of Zack Clements who came back to life after death. Zack Clements, then 17 years old, passed out in the middle of gym class at his Christian high school in 2015. While physicians continued their efforts to revive him, his heart stopped for a whole 20 minutes. However, Clements claims that while he was unconscious, he received a vision of heaven.

“I observed the row of angels in white. I didn’t initially recognize the most attractive person in the middle until he drew nearer to me. In video footage released by People, he stated, “And then I realized: That’s Jesus.” He placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to be fine.”

There have been some claims that the teen’s story is fake, but it is undoubtedly a medical miracle to be revived after 20 minutes without suffering any permanent brain damage.

3. Anita Moorjani

Here is another one of the popular real stories of Anita Moorjani who came back to life after death. Anita Moorjani succumbed to lymphatic cancer in 2006 after a four-year fight. Doctors believed she had reached her final moments but were unaware that she was still conscious despite being close to death. She claimed that at first, she had “360-degree peripheral vision” of the hospital room and beyond and felt as though she were flying above her body. Although she was unable to see her deceased father, she felt his presence and received a message from him.

“He advised me that I had gone as far as I can and that if I continue, it will be impossible for me to turn around. However, I felt that it was so beautiful that I didn’t want to go back. It was simply amazing because all the pain had finally disappeared. Every bit of discomfort was gone. The fear had all vanished. I simply felt amazing. And I had the impression that pure love was surrounding me. Love without conditions.”

Moorjani came back to life almost 30 hours after going into a coma. Her organs began to operate again two days later, and the tumors began to recede. She is currently cancer-free.

4. Annabel Beam

This is one of the most famous real stories of Annabel Beam who came back to life after death. At the age of four, Annabel Beam received a life-threatening diagnosis for two chronic intestinal diseases. She was prepared to give up at the age of eight, but then something strange happened. Annabel was perched 30 feet in the air when a branch snapped, causing her to fall completely to the ground and get trapped there for six hours. She claims she passed away and entered heaven:

“I was sitting on Jesus’ knee when he said, “When the firefighters pull you out, there will be nothing wrong with you.” It was really bright. Beam said. And when I questioned whether I could stay, he replied, “No, I have plans for you to accomplish on Earth that you cannot accomplish in paradise.”

Her illness was gone when she awoke.

5. Dave Bennett

When Dave Bennett was tossed into the ocean one night in 1983, he was the head engineer of an undersea research vessel. He was familiar with the symptoms of oxygen deprivation, but while he was drowning, he suddenly felt something that wasn’t like anything he had read about. Darkness soon gave way to light, and he felt some omnipresence keeping him from being alone as he began to go in its direction.

“As I drew nearer, he remarked, “there were waves and waves of love just encircling me in this warm embrace.” “It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced; I felt as though this love was truly ingrained in my very being and changed me into this being of life. And as I drew nearer, the light of countless millions of light shards.”

Out of that, he saw what he believed to be his family, a second “soul family,” who relived his life with him from many perspectives rather than the ones he had on Earth. After spending 18 minutes beneath, he popped back to the surface and got instructions to return to life in order to complete his mission.

6. Tony Cicoria

Here is another one of the famous real stories of Tony Cicoria who came back to life after death. Tony Cicoria, an orthopedic surgeon, called his mother in 1994 while on vacation at a lake cottage using a pay phone. He still held the phone in his hand even after they had hung up when a blue flash appeared. He was unaware that a lighting storm was about to develop. Then, perplexingly, he felt his body shoot forward. Turning around, Cicoria discovered his own dead body on the ground. “I’m dead,” he believed. No worries. no ecstasy Simply a reality.

Cicoria can see his kid’s faces painted and thinks they would be fine.

 “Then, a bluish-white light surrounds me, leaving me with a profound sense of calm and well-being.”

“Both the peaks and valleys of my life sped by me. I felt like I was accelerating and getting drawn in. There was a direction and a pace. Slam! Just as I was thinking to myself, “This is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced,” I came back.

7. A Four-Year-Old Girl

When a four-year-old girl felt her toes touch the foot of the bed, she was in the hospital with a high-grade fever that had led to hallucinations, vomiting, and fever. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw herself lying on a gurney, and then her non-body began to rise up and leave the building.

She says, I started looking across time”. “I later described what happened before I could even speak… I felt calm as I kept climbing. There were no uncertainties or queries. Time encircled itself. The past, present, and future as we know them now never existed. Everything happened all at once right now. Having no anxieties or fears. I started to float in the direction of a stunning light that I wanted to touch. I heard out a pop of nowhere. When someone grabbed it and dragged me down, I had the sensation of connecting to a cord.”

8. Actress Jane Seymour

Actress Jane Seymour experienced anaphylactic shock while filming the 1988 movie Onassis because the medicines she had taken for bronchitis, were injected into a vein rather than a muscle.

“I had a vision of seeing a white light and looking down and seeing myself in this bedroom with a nurse desperately trying to save my life and giving me injections, and I’m calmly observing this whole event,” she recalled. In a later statement, she continued, “I remember looking down at this body that was mine, understanding I wasn’t in it, and I absolutely comprehended the concept that your body is truly a vehicle. It requires the same servicing as a car.”

9. Mary C. Neal

Orthopedic surgeon Mary C. Neal nearly drowned while kayaking in Chile about 20 years ago, and her heart stopped for more than 30 minutes.

She stated, “I was greeted by a group of beings who were both familiar and strange shortly after departing my body. I know it seems crazy, but being with them made me feel nothing but contentment and happiness”.

She stated, “I was aware of both what was going on in heaven and what was happening on the riverbank where I had drowned at the same time that I was severed from my physical body. I didn’t think at all about my job or other concerns of this world; instead, I thought of my spouse and my kids, my parents, and my siblings.”

10. Laurie

Here is another one of the famous real stories of Laurie who came back to life after death. Laurie, a 19-year-old contributor to NDERF, swept into rapids while rafting. She suddenly submerged and realized that she was about to die as the water filled her lungs. Then she appeared to be moving in a tunnel as everything became white and then back to dark.

Laurie says, “I could see a chamber around me formed of pure white clouds, yet wasn’t substantial. Three shimmering crystal entities were there in the space. A rainbow was forming when light radiated through them like a glass prism. The three spoke to me, however one was bigger than the other two. They appeared to be aware of my fear of them. They changed into what I immediately recognized as angels. Not actual bird wings, they had strands and formed with fiber optic cables like wings. Pure light shone through the threads, creating colors of every hue. They used telepathy to communicate when they spoke.”

The angels showed her a golden meadow with lovely music, a tree, and a lake close by. Her rescuer in a kayak got her to safety.

11. Eben Alexander

Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, fell into a coma in 2008 after contracting meningitis that only affects one in ten million people; his physicians estimated that his chances of survival were only 10%.

“It acted as a conduit up into rich and ultra-real realms, and “I saw a slowly spinning clear white light connected with a melodic song,” he wrote. “The Gateway Valley was filled with many Earth-like and spiritual features, with richly blossoming flowers and buds and no signs of death or decay, waterfalls into sparkling crystal pools, thousands of beings dancing below with great joy and festivity, all fueled by swooping golden orbs in the sky above, angelic choirs emanating chants and anthems that thundered through my awareness, and a lovely girl on a butterfly wing.”

He awoke after a week of unconsciousness with no lasting effects on his brain.


As a result, you can observe that various people have had different kinds of near-death experiences. The human brain is a very potent thing in and of itself. Its subconscious mind is capable of generating attractive imagery for someone experiencing excruciating pain. It is the brain’s way of consoling the injured, especially when people claim to have seen loved ones. Humans can explain everything, but in this case, we are at a loss for words until the day comes when we have a convincing justification for the two realms with closed doors.

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