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Mystery of Mary Celeste Ghost Ship

Mystery of Mary Celeste Ghost Ship
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Despite the fact that we have previously looked into a number of mysteries and myths, we frequently discovered logical explanations for each one. On the other hand, the Mary Celeste ghost ship’s mystery remains a mystery more than 150 years later.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, an old ship with the name of Mary Celeste was found, well stocked with supplies but crewless. One of the longest-running marine mysteries started out like this. Researchers and historians also failed to decipher the ship’s enigma. The Mary Celeste is reported to have spent 11 days sailing towards Genoa without a commander. Captain Briggs, his family, and the crew of the Mary Celeste vanished along with the ship, and they were never found. The cause for the abandonment is unknown. The Mary Celeste ship has been known by a number of names since that horrifying incident, including The Ghost Ship and The Haunted Ship. People continue to look for answers to the Mary Celeste ghost ship mystery in order to learn the truth.

The American ship’s original name was the Amazon. It was founded in 1860 on the Spencer’s Island community of Nova Scotia. The Mary Celeste was a dual-masted ship, back then more commonly known as a brigantine. The ship was saved in 1867 and given to a nautical company with New York headquarters. It was given the new name Mary Celeste and given Captain Benjamin Briggs’ command. In addition to Captain Briggs and his family, which included his wife and daughter, the ship had a crew of eight people. One of the four individuals who, coincidentally, controlled Mary Celeste’s recently transferred joint-stock ownership was Captain Briggs.

Mary Celeste Mystery

Mary Celeste Mystery

Here, we’ll solve the riddle of the Mary Celeste ghost ship. In 1872, a double-masted Mary Celeste set sail from New York Harbour towards Genoa, Italy. Veteran sailor Benjamin S. Briggs, who joined the ship with his wife Sarah, their small daughter Sophia, and eight other crew members, was in charge of the vessel.

On December 5, 1872, while navigating through severe seas, the British brig Dei Gratia noticed what appeared to be an abandoned ship drifting over the Atlantic Ocean close to the Azores Islands, which are situated about 1,000 miles west of Portugal.

The Mary Celeste was deserted when the crew of the Dei Gratia stepped aboard; everything was spotless, even the crew’s attire. A missing lifeboat and a disassembled pump in the hold were the only signs of human absence.

Mary Celeste - The Ghost Ship

Inspection revealed no signs of human life on the brigantine. Nearly more than six months’ worth of food and water were available on board the ship. The lifeboat was missing, but other than that, the ship looked to be in fair shape. The absence of proof of a natural disaster hitting the ship or a crash led to one of the most discussed maritime mysteries in history.

Mary Celeste - Found floating in the Atlantic Ocean

Currently, it is unknown why the ship’s crew members left. Every member of the crew was dependable, the ship was in good condition, the weather was perfect, and there was enough food and water on board for six months. Before the captain’s family and other crew members unexpectedly vanished, there had never been a pirate raid of any kind. There were no indications of looting, and each crew member’s possessions were similar. Nobody has been able to solve the enigma surrounding this ship’s hidden secret up until this time, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to.

Mary Celeste’s Dark History

Mary Celeste’s Dark History

The vessel, which was formerly known as the Amazon, has a lengthy history of notoriety and has been linked to several terrible events involving the crew.

When the ship’s first master, Robert Mac Lennon, became ill and passed away, a rumour began to circulate that the devil was aboard Mary Celeste because the ship’s early captains became so sick that if they coughed, blood would come out of their lips. The ship will either sustain major losses or its owner’s condition will become critical enough due to the shadow’s strong influence during the voyage. Its owner either became ill, passed away, or lost everything since it was a cursed ship.

The ship was completely destroyed by a severe storm in 1867. Due to the extensive damage, the owners were forced to leave it on the Cape Breton Island shore. After purchasing the wreckage, Alexander McBean restored the ship and gave it the name Mary Celeste. The ship has since been owned by a number of different people before coming to Benjamin S. Briggs.

All the Crew Vanishes from the Ship

Mary Celeste - All the Crew Vanishes

Further investigation revealed that there was nobody on board the Mary Celeste, according to the crew of the Dei Gratia. And that concludes the ship’s daily log entry for November 24. Despite this, the ship had enough food and water to endure for six months, was still seaworthy, and had most of its cargo intact.

The research team also observed that the crew of the Mary Celeste had forgotten their pipes for smoking. The Dei Gratia’s captain, David Morehouse, explains that this is a sign that the crew abandoned the ship in a panic. The ship’s only lifeboat, clock, and sextant were also all missing.

Mary Celeste - All the Crew were taken by the Alien's Ship - According to a theory

There were no indications of a rebellion, and the Mary Celeste had not been hit by a powerful tornado or wave. Contrary to a popular belief, it was also implausible that the alcohol cargo had exploded or that the crew members had become aggressive after consuming it. Many people believe that the alien ship kidnapped the entire crew and they have all vanished.

Fans of fiction came up with stories that ranged from an attack by pirates to a sea monster invasion. Due to the 1,700 barrels of crude alcohol that Mary Celeste was transporting at the time, some people proposed the hypothesis that an accident occurred.


Numerous accounts have been written about this incident. Many tabloids have tried to rewrite the story using the evidence that was discovered onboard. However, no one has been able to come up with a solid theory. There is still no additional information available on the disappearance of the Briggs family or what exactly took place on that day.

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