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Redensyl Vs Minoxidil

Is Redensyl Better than Minoxidil
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For pattern hair loss and extreme cases of hair loss, minoxidil is the treatment of choice. For mild cases of diffuse hair loss, dermatologists prefer Redensyl. Most people ask about Redensyl Vs Minoxidil Among individuals who want their hair to grow more quickly, minoxidil is quite popular.

In 1950, minoxidil was developed as a medication to treat high blood pressure, not to promote hair growth. Rapid hair growth and the reversal of baldness in both men and women were side effects of this medication. Due to this, it became a well-liked standalone supplement for hair growth. Here, we are trying to answer the question, Redensyl Vs Minoxidil.

Is Redensyl Better than Minoxidil?

Redensyl Vs Minoxidil for Hair Fall

We will try to explain here about Redensyl Vs Minoxidil. Redensyl formula for hair development is frequently regarded as the greatest hair replacement option for hair transplant therapy because of its all-natural, non-hormonal hair restoration properties. DHQG molecules are found in Redensyl, a natural plant-based chemical that is an active cosmetic ingredient that helps in hair regrowth.

Physicians first began recommending Minoxidil to patients in the 1980s in order to promote hair growth. In 1988, the FDA approved it as a supplement for male hair growth. The FDA quickly approved this product for women after Upjohn made it available to them in 1991. Today, this medication is widely used to treat hair loss and is offered in pharmacies all over the world.

The potassium channel opener minoxidil makes the cell membranes hyperpolarized. It enlarges the blood vessels to provide more nutrients, oxygen, and blood to reach the follicles. The telogen phase follicles are destroyed by this process, and their place is taken by thicker anagen phase follicles, which generate thicker hair. This prodrug is sulfated into its active form, and because of this process, hair loss is stopped.

When the area of hair loss is extensive, it is also less effective. Younger guys than older men have reported seeing higher hair growth from using Minoxidil.

Components of Redensyl

Redensyl, a useful substitute for hair transplants, is derived from seven plant chemicals that promote hair growth. It is most successful due to:

1. DHQG (dihydroquercetin-glucoside) is a key ingredient in Redensyl and is derived from plant extracts that target and promote cell division in hair follicle stem cells.

2. Glycine: Hair cells contain large amounts of the amino acid glycine. Glycine is a crucial constituent of the specific hair proteins known as keratin-associated proteins (KAP).

3. EGCG2 (epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside): This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance defend your scalp from free radicals.

4. Zinc: By strengthening the structure of the hair shaft, zinc.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle
Hair Growth Cycle

Let’s first examine the three stages of hair growth to better understand how Redensyl prevents hair loss.

1. The anagen phase: It is the first stage of the hair formation cycle. During this time, a new hair strand is produced by the hair follicle and lengthens. This period, which lasts between 2 to 6 years, is when the majority of the hair on your scalp develops.

2. The catagen phase: Hair strands appear to split from their follicles and stop growing at this stage of hair growth. Normally, the hair only lasts 10 days before moving on to the next stage.

3. The telogen phase: A resting hair strand remains on your scalp during this phase until the anagen phase, when a new hair shaft pushes it out. The hair starts to come out after this phase, which lasts for around three months. It’s typical to lose up to 100 strands of hair per day. The cycle continues when a hair falls out; new hair grows in its place in the same hair follicle.

How does Redensyl Work for Hair Growth?

How does Redensyl Work for Hair Growth?
How does Redensyl Work for Hair Growth?

Redensyl’s ingredients promote smoothing, hair development, and hair restoration. Redensyl is a hair growth serum using plant extracts. By promoting the first stage of hair growth, it seeks to stimulate hair follicle cells to divide hairs once more.

Redensyl’s biological components, such as DHQG and EFCG2, need to be combined with glycerin, zinc, and water.

Redensyl Side Effects

Redensyl has no negative side effects. It has no negative effects other than being helpful for hair growth. It produces remarkable results since it uses biotechnology and is based on plants.

How does Minoxidil Work for Hair Growth?

How does Minoxidil Work for Hair Growth?
How does Minoxidil Work for Hair Growth?

When hair loss is still in its early stages, minoxidil can aid in hair growth and stop further balding. The blood arteries are widened to allow more oxygen-rich blood to reach the hair follicles. Additionally, minoxidil aids in expanding hair follicles, which encourages the development of thicker, stronger hairs.

Additionally, minoxidil strengthens existing hair and promotes new hair growth by increasing the blood and nutrient flow to your hair follicles.

When hair loss is still in its early stages, minoxidil can aid in hair growth and stop further balding. When using Minoxidil consistently, it takes roughly 8 weeks to start seeing benefits.

Telogen effluvium, a type of transient hair loss in which hairs prematurely leave the telogen phase of the hair development cycle, is another side effect of minoxidil. Minoxidil thickens and densifies hair.

Side Effects of Minoxidil

Minoxidil can lead to irritation and is abrasive to the skin. It makes you itchy and sore. When used excessively, it can result in headaches, irregular heartbeat, abnormal breathing, dizziness, blurred vision, and chest pain because the skin absorbs too much of the chemical, which results in many negative effects.

Consuming minoxidil might also encourage undesired hair growth in areas where you don’t want it. Additionally, it can lead to allergic responses, respiratory problems, body part swelling, and even swelling of the face and tongue.

In addition to making your scalp dry, it can also result in acne at the application site, scalp burning, facial hair growth, increased hair loss, inflammation or pain at the hair root, reddening of the skin, facial swelling, etc.

If you own a pet, especially a cat, you should absolutely avoid using minoxidil. It has been proven that cats instantly die when exposed to minoxidil.

If you stop using minoxidil on your scalp, any hair that has come back because of the medicine will gradually fall off. It is safe to use minoxidil over the long term because it has undergone extensive research.


It has been discovered that Redensyl targets and promotes cell division in hair follicle stem cells. It also has anti-inflammatory and hair-growing proteins that are present. Since both Redensyl and Minoxidil are used to promote hair growth, this comparison is frequently made. Redensyl, on the other hand, does not have any of the negative effects that Minoxidil may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Does Redensyl Come From?

Pure plant extracts like DHQG, EGCG 2, glycine, zinc chloride, and meta-bisulfite make up Redensyl. Redensyl has no negative effects because it contains natural ingredients.

2. Can Redensyl Replace Minoxidil?

When explain about Redensyl Vs Minoxidil, Redensyl is superior to minoxidil in some ways. Redensyl is nearly two times as effective as Minoxidil at encouraging hair growth. As a result, you can always switch to Redensyl if Minoxidil is not providing you with the desired results.

3. Is Redensyl better than Minoxidil?

Yes, Redensyl has some advantages over Minoxidil, such as the fact that it doesn’t cause hair shedding as Minoxidil does.

Since minoxidil is intended for long-term usage, discontinuing it suddenly will have an impact on hair growth. Redensyl, however, has no negative effects if you stop taking it.

Redensyl can be taken without a prescription, however, Minoxidil must be prescribed by a doctor in order to be utilized.

4. Has the FDA approved Redensyl?

Redensyl has not received FDA approval. The only FDA-approved medication for treating hair loss is minoxidil. Redensyl, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the best hair transplant alternatives.

5. Can Redensyl block DHT?

Yes, Redensyl naturally blocks DHT. DHT stops nutrients from being absorbed by hair follicles, which causes the follicles to contract and finally stop producing hair. Redensyl encourages hair growth while aiding in the elimination of DHT.

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