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Best Towns in Florida for Families

Best Place to Live in Florida
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Florida is one of the USA real estate markets with the quickest growth. We will assist you to find the best towns in Florida for families, based on three major criteria: typical home value, home value appreciation, and effective property tax rate, whether you’re looking for a rental property or want to buy a home in Florida. Florida’s real estate market is among the best-performing in the country, which should not be surprising given that the state has 1,350 miles of stunning coastline and sunny weather for most of the year.

Owning a vacation property in the Sunshine State is proven to be particularly appealing. There are several reasons you might want to purchase a home in Florida, including proximity to family, investment in a beach town, holiday home, proximity to a job, proximity to Disney World, and lower-than-average property taxes. Here, we are exploring the list which may help you to find the best towns in Florida for families if you’re considering buying a property there.

1. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, FL
Daytona Beach, FL

The ideal weather, thriving job market, and unrivaled coastlines make this place one of the best places to live in the United States. Its well-known seaside lifestyle attracts tourists from all over the world, making it one of the most well-liked tourist attractions on the east coast. It is one of the cheapest beach towns in Florida to live in.

Daytona Beach, a community on the Atlantic coast, has the lowest average property value of $209,971, 33.4% less than the state average. Property values have increased by 61.7% in the last five years. The rental vacancy rate is 6.2%, which is below average.

2. Pine Hills

Pine Hills, FL
Pine Hills, FL

Built around two golf courses, Pine Hill is a town with a very diversified population and wonderful individuals. Some of Orange County’s top-rated warehouse properties are located in this area. Pine Hills is close to the commercial and tourist hubs of Orlando because of its strategic location. It is one of the most affordable cities in Florida.

Pine Hills is one of the best towns in Florida for families, with a typical home value of $222,782, which is 29.3% less than the average of other cities. Residential real estate in the suburban city west of Orlando has increased by 97.2% over the past five years, outpacing the national average of 52.4%. At 4.1%, rental vacancy is below average.

3. Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, FL
Deerfield Beach, FL

The place combines the quaintness of a tiny community with the warm welcome of the South. It offers a laid-back lifestyle with convenient access to restaurants and stores, as well as a beach culture that draws tourists. Even though the beach is known for its fine sand and clear water, the International Fishing Pier is what draws most visitors. This is the most cherished treasure at the beach, extending 976 feet into the Atlantic.

The usual property value in Deerfield Beach, which is located in Broward County along with Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic coast, is $230,722, which is 26.8% less than the national average. In the last five years, home values have increased by 52.9%. With a 4.5% rate, the rental vacancy rate is similarly below average.

4. Lakeland

Lakeland, FL
Lakeland, FL

Because there are always plenty of things to do, the people of Lakeland find its proximity to larger cities like Tampa and Orlando to be convenient. The city of Lakeland is recognized for its abundance of Florida wildlife, and numerous canals, and is also known as the “Swan City.” The biggest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world is there, also the Florida Southern College, Circle B Bar Reserve, Detroit Tigers Spring Training, and Safari Wilderness.

It is also one of the best towns in Florida for families, the home market that is quite competitive is Lakeland. Lakeland has a typical home value of $232,792, which is 26.2% less than the national average. At 65.5%, home value appreciation is above average. With a 9.2% rate, the rental vacancy rate is above average.

5. Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres, FL
Lehigh Acres, FL

There are 124,000 people living in the small community of Lehigh Acres. It is roughly a 5-minute drive from Walmart, and there are several eateries around. Jobs are the main area of Lehigh Acres that requires improvement. It is one of the biggest residential areas in Lee County and in fact the entire state of Florida. There is a 96-square-mile pre-platted residential complex made up primarily of quarter-acre and half-acre single-family lots. It is situated in the east-central region of the County.

Another best place to live in Florida is Lehigh Acres in Lee County. The typical property price is $236,569, which is 25% less than the national average. At 65.7%, the increase in home value is above average. Rent as a percentage of the typical home’s value is above average at 5.6%, and the rental vacancy rate is below average at 3.5%. With an effective rate of 0.8%, the property tax burden is lower than usual.

6. Spring Hill

Spring Hill, FL
Spring Hill, FL

Florida’s central west coast, near Spring Hill, Hernando County, is one of the best cities in Florida for families. Spring Hill is only 45 minutes from Downtown Tampa. The city is reasonably safe, and the local schools are fine. The renowned underwater mermaid performance is located in Spring Hill in Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. It is one of the best towns in Florida for families.

The usual home value is $243,145, which is 22.9% less than other cities’ average home prices. Home value growth over the previous five years was 85.4%, significantly greater than the national average of 52.4%. Compared to the average of the cities, which was 7.9%, the rental vacancy rate is only 3.1%. At 0.8%, the actual property tax rate is below average.

7. Ocala

Ocala, FL
Ocala, FL

One of the best places to live in Florida, which is located in north-central Florida, has a lot to offer both locals and tourists, including outdoor activities, breathtaking landscapes, sporting events, and a wide range of other entertainment. The horse farms in Ocala County are famous. There are four major horse breeding facilities in the world, having many different kinds of horses.

The Appleton Museum of Art and Silver Springs State Park are two popular tourist destinations in the city of Ocala. The real estate market in Ocala is booming, just like it is in the majority of Florida’s communities. The average house is worth $2,48,700. In the previous year, property prices there increased by 34.8%.

8. Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL

One of the nicest places to live in Florida is Jacksonville, which provides inhabitants with a suburban atmosphere. There are many restaurants, parks, and other things to do in this safe city. Jacksonville, the state’s most populated city, is home to about 911,507 people at the moment. The urban park system in Jacksonville, which is four times the size of Manhattan Island, is the largest in the country. 80,000 acres of parks, comprising 400 city parks and gardens, 7 state parks, 2 national parks, a national preserve, and an arboretum. 46,000 acres make up the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve. It is also one of the best towns in Florida for families.

Jacksonville is a city that is expanding quickly and has a thriving business community. Some of Florida’s top real estate bargains may be found in Jacksonville. Living expenses are cheap, while housing costs are more reasonable (8% less than the national average). Jacksonville is one of the greatest cities in Florida to invest in real estate, with a median home price of $281,000 (up 19.6% in the last year) and an average rental rate of $1,411. And in the following year, property values are expected to rise by 8.4%.

9. Clearwater

Clearwater, FL
Clearwater, FL

Due to its charming sand beaches, water-based attractions, and excellent cost of living in comparison to the national average, Clearwater has one of the greatest reputations for prospective retirees. On the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach is well known for its white sands and crystal-clear seas. On this barrier island, you can go swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking among other beach activities.

The typical property value in Clearwater is $291,647, 7.5% less than the national average. At 70.9%, the increase in home value is above average. Rent as a proportion of income, a measure of a renter’s capacity to pay market rent, is below average at 27.5% while the rental vacancy rate is below normal at 6.6%.

10. Tampa

Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL

With reasonable housing options, lovely tropical weather, easy access to the beach, and more, this Florida city is one of the greatest locations to live in the Southeast. Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Bayshore Boulevard, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Lettuce Lake Regional Park, Ybor City, Hyde Park, etc. are some of Tampa’s most well-known attractions.

Florida’s West Coast city of Tampa is experiencing a real estate boom as its population grows 139% faster than the nation as a whole. Tampa is among the top places in Florida to find homes with above-average typical property values, with a $331,551 average that is 5.1% higher than the average for the other cities. At 72.3%, the increase in home value is above average. Rent as a percentage of income is quite low at 8.9%, and the rental vacancy rate is below average at 6.1%, both of which are signs that a homeowner will be able to find tenants willing to pay the minimum rent.

11. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL
St. Petersburg, FL

Petersburg Florida is known for its beaches, entertainment, and warm weather. It is located along the Gulf of Mexico. The job economy is booming, and many enterprises are moving here. There is a lot to do outside, and the bay and all the parks are all very close by. The thriving art culture of St. Petersburg, which is part of the Tampa Bay area, is well-known. It is proud to have cultural institutions including the Mahaffey Theatre, the Dali Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Recreational pursuits including golfing, boating, and beachgoing are also very popular there.

$297,715 is the average home value in St. Petersburg. The rental vacancy rate is above average at 8.8%, but the rent as a proportion of income is significantly below average at 12.3%. With a 4.5% average, rent as a proportion of median house value is below average.


Florida is one of the quickest growth real estate markets in the United States. The Villages, Palm Coast, and Riverview are the best towns in Florida for families and the safest places to live due to lowest county rates of both violent crime and property crime in Florida.

There is no better location to look at if you want to buy a property than the Sunshine State. Investors that are interested in setting up both short-term and long-term rentals should consider the Miami area. Contrarily, the Orlando region presents a wide range of chances for conventional investors wishing to buy houses at a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it wise to invest in a Florida home?

Actually, one of the most lucrative investment areas to date is the real estate market in Florida. Numerous indications point to the profitable nature of investing in Florida investment homes. For instance, the state provides individuals with a profitable return on investment for their real estate.

2. Where in Florida is it safer to purchase real estate?

One of the safest places in Florida is Marco Island, the biggest of Florida’s 10,000 Islands. But with a median home price of about $1.1 million, it’s another city in Florida with a high cost of living!

3. Why Should You Invest in Florida Real Estate?

There are a few good reasons like the booming real estate market, rapid population growth, dynamic market for jobs, and diverse lifestyle to invest in Florida real estate.

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