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Mystery of Mary Celeste Ghost Ship

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Ghost Ship
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Although we have previously investigated a number of mysteries and myths, we have frequently found rational explanations for each of them. On the other hand, more than 150 years later, the mystery of the Mary Celeste ghost ship is still unresolved.

An old ship named Mary Celeste was discovered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, loaded down with provisions but empty of all crew members. So began one of the longest-running marine mysteries. Additionally, historians and researchers were unable to solve the ship’s riddle. In the absence of a captain, the Mary Celeste is said to have been cruising toward Genoa for 11 days. The Mary Celeste was abandoned, and Captain Briggs, his family, and the crew were never located. The cause of the abandonment has never been established. Since that horrific event, the Mary Celeste ship has gone by various names, including The Ghost Ship, The Haunted Ship, and others. Still, people search for the mystery of the Mary Celeste ghost ship to know about the truth.

The original name of the American ship was the Amazon. It was created in 1860 at the Nova Scotian village of Spencer’s Island. The Mary Celeste was a dual-masted ship that was more frequently referred to as a brigantine back then. The ship was rescued in 1867 and given to a maritime firm with headquarters in New York. It was renamed Mary Celeste and placed under the command of Captain Benjamin Briggs. The ship had a crew of eight persons in addition to Captain Briggs and his family, which included his wife and daughter. Captain Briggs was one of the four parties who, incidentally, owned Mary Celeste’s recently transferred joint-stock ownership.

Mary Celeste Mystery

Mary Celeste Mystery
Mary Celeste Mystery

Here, we are going to reveal the mystery of the Mary Celeste ghost ship. A double-masted Mary Celeste sailed from New York Harbor in 1872 in the direction of Genoa, Italy. The ship’s command was in the hands of veteran sailor Benjamin S. Briggs, who joined the ship with his wife Sarah, their young daughter Sophia, and eight other crew members.

The British brig Dei Gratia, which was traveling in bad weather on December 5, 1872, spotted what appeared to be an abandoned ship drifting through the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores Islands, which are located about 1,000 miles west of Portugal.

When the crew of the Dei Gratia boarded it, the Mary Celeste was empty; there was everything in immaculate order and even the crew’s clothing. The only indications of the absence of individuals were a missing lifeboat and a disassembled pump in the hold.

Mary Celeste - The Ghost Ship
Mary Celeste – The Ghost Ship

There was no evidence of human life on the brigantine after inspection. The ship had enough food and water, almost for more than six months of life. Aside from the missing lifeboat, the ship appeared to be in good condition. One of the most talked-about maritime mysteries of all time resulted from the lack of evidence of a natural disaster hitting the ship or a crash.

Mary Celeste - Found floating in the Atlantic Ocean
Mary Celeste – Found floating in the Atlantic Ocean

The reason why the crew members of the ship left is currently a mystery. The ship was in good condition, the weather was ideal, every member of the crew was trustworthy, and there was enough food and water on board for six months. There was no pirate raid of any type before the captain’s family and other crew members mysteriously vanished. All of the crew members’ belongings were identical and there were no signs of looting. The mystery surrounding this ship’s hidden secret has eluded everyone up to this point, and it is unlikely that anyone ever will be able to.

Mary Celeste’s Dark History

Mary Celeste’s Dark History
Mary Celeste’s Dark History

The ship, which was first known as the Amazon, has a long history of notoriety and has been responsible for a number of tragic incidents involving the crew.

When the first master of the ship, Robert Mac Lennon, fell ill and died, a rumor spread that the devil was on Mary Celeste because the early commanders of this ship grew so sick that anytime they coughed, blood would run out of their mouths. There is a shadow, and due to its great influence during its voyage, either this ship will suffer significant losses, or else its owner’s condition would be worse enough. Because it was a cursed ship, its owner either became sick, died, or lost everything.

A powerful storm entirely destroyed the ship in 1867. The owners had to leave it on the Cape Breton Island shore because the damage was so severe. Alexander McBean purchased the debris and rebuilt the ship, giving it the name Mary Celeste. Since then, the ship has had a few different owners before coming to Benjamin S. Briggs.

All the Crew Vanishes from the Ship

Mary Celeste - All the Crew Vanishes
Mary Celeste – All the Crew Vanishes

The crew of the Dei Gratia investigated further and found that there was no one aboard the Mary Celeste. And that is the last entry in the ship’s daily log of November 24. Despite this, the ship was still seaworthy, had a majority of its cargo intact, and had enough food and water to last for six months.

The investigation team also noticed that Mary Celeste’s crew had forgotten their smoking pipes. David Morehouse, the captain of the Dei Gratia, explained that this was an indication that the crew had fled the ship in a panic. In addition, the ship’s lone lifeboat, clock, and sextant were all gone.

Mary Celeste - All the Crew were taken by the Alien's Ship - According to a theory
Mary Celeste – All the Crew were taken by the Alien’s Ship – According to a theory

There was no sign of a mutiny, nor had the Mary Celeste collided with a ferocious tornado or wave. It was also unlikely that the alcohol cargo had exploded or that the crewmen had been violent after consuming it, contrary to one notion. Many people think that all the crew members have vanished as the alien’s ship took them.

Fans of fiction came up with tales that included everything from a sea monster invasion to a pirate onslaught. Some people gave the theory of an accident due to the 1,700 barrels of crude alcohol Mary Celeste was transporting at the time.


This occurrence has been the subject of numerous stories. Numerous tabloids have attempted to retell the narrative using the evidence found onboard. But nobody has been able to develop a convincing theory. Still, there is no further information about the disappearance of the Briggs family and what actually happened on that day.

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